Services at the Fresh Hair Salon & Spa

Women Hair Cut w/ Shampoo$25 – 30mins

Regular haircut with a hair wash.
Women Hair Cut w/ Shampoo & Blow-dry$35 – 40mins

For hair shorter than 5 inches.For hair longer than 5 inches (extra charge)

Women Hair Cut w/ Full ServiceStarting price $45 – 40mins

A full service includes Shampoo, blow-dry and trimming conditioning.Price: it varies depending on hair length.
Permanent Coloring w/ Basic Blow-dryStarting price $60 – 40mins

Single hair process.Price varies by hair length.

Ai??Corrective ColorStarting price $200

With a previous appointment and length of hair price varies.
Corrective coloring duration varies by hair length. (1 hr – 2 hrs)

Full Highlight w/ Foil$140 – 40mins

Highlighting full face with basic blow-dry. Price varies on hair length.

Partial Highlighting w/ Foil$90 – 40mins

Partial highlighting with a basic blow-dry. Price varies on hair length.

Relaxer/ Straightener$100 – 30mins

Hair relaxer with flat iron & style. Price varies on hair length.

Brazilian Blowout

$150 – 2hrs

Hair product to rejuvenate and reconstruct with an anti-frizzthat lasts about 3 months. price varies on hair length.

Keratriplex Treatment$80 – 1hr

Three stage process. Keratin protein repairs and transform fine,
fragile and chemically damaged hair.
Permanent Wave$100 – 1hrPrice varies on hair length and style.

Men Hair Cut$20 – 15mins

If a new client price starts at $15. Extra with designs.

Children Hair Cut$10 – 15mins

Any child under 10 for a basic haircut. Price starts at $10. Extra with the design.
Waxing (eyebrows)$10 – 10mins
With waxing must know if allergic to any chemicals.A If allergic normal irritation after waxing may be worse and not fade away with an hour with normal eyebrow waxing.
Waxing (Facial)$35 – 30mins
Irritation right after waxing but fades within an hour depending on skin sensitivity.

Waxing (Lips)

$10 – 5mins

Waxing provokes irritation but fades within an hour depending on skin sensitivity. If allergic it is not recommended.
Waxing (chin)$15 – 10mins
After waxing, irritation of the skin may occur but fades within an hour depending on skin sensitivity and if allergic it is not recommended.

Waxing (underarm)$20 – 20mins

Irritation after waxing is normal and fades within an hour dependingA on skin sensitivity. Not recommended if allergic to any chemicals with waxing.
Basic Manicure$12 – 30mins
Hand massage, clean and shape nail.

Polish Gel$25 – 15mins

polish gel on actual nail (no acrylic).

Paraffin$25 – 20mins

Special hand treatment that softens skin.

Hair Extension with Cinderella products & KeratinPrice Varies A 3-4hrs

Must have a previous appointment with Hair stylist. With the Keratin, the hair extension prevents hair from breaking off and not damage the natural hair. Lasts about 12 weeks depending on hair growth.

Hair stylingPrice varies-

Any hairstyle from flatiron, bridal, and or curls etc. for any event. Price variesA by hair length and style wanted.